Speak Brazilian Portuguese

    CIL St Barth offers courses in Brazilian Portuguese for adults in small groups or individually.

    We offer customized courses focusing on communication, in our offices in Gustavia or if you need at your hotel or villa, depending on your schedule, with a qualified but also charming and patient teacher who will meet your expectations and answer your every question.

    For more information about your Brazilian teacher at CIL Gustavia, St Barths.

    "Brazilian specialized in tourism"

    We offer training in Brazilian specialized in tourism for hotels and real estate agencies.

    Why learn Portuguese?

    Have you ever considered learning Brazilian Portuguese? Whatever your answer is, the following information may interest you:

    In St Barth, the use of Portuguese and Brazilian is a plus because the island is home to many people from Portugal but also from Brazil. Having some knowledge of Portuguese is an asset in the hotel and tourism industry.

    Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world today. Out of 240 million Portuguese speakers, approximately 200 million are native to Brazil. It is important to note that Brazilian Portuguese differs from original Portuguese. Even if the language is essentially the same, there are many subtle differences in expressions and changes of emphasis.

    Brazilian is a language symbolizing passion and romance, where the emphasis is on the expression. There are of course still some rules to know. Our Brazilian professor will gladly help you progress in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


    CIL St Barth is open all year round and we offer training packages tailored to each individual during courses of any time length, adapted to individual needs. In particular, we offer training in Brazilian specialized in tourism for hotels and real estate agencies.

    Would you like to learn Portuguese from Brazil?