Do you speak French ?

    CIL St Barth offers French language courses for children and adults, in small groups or individually .

    We offer customized courses, focusing on communication, in our offices in Gustavia or if you prefer, at your home, hotel or villa, depending on your schedule and with qualified but also charming and patient teachers who will answer any of your questions. Contact us for more information.


    CIL St Barth is open all year, and we offer training packages tailored to each individual including courses of any time length, adapted to individual needs.

    Why learn French ?

    The French language, in addition to being spoken around the world, is also the language needed if you’d like to integrate with the local community in St Barths or any other French-speaking region. It is indeed a language that will allow you to travel more easily, create new contacts and experience new unexpected encounters. With some knowledge of French, it is more fun to visit Paris and all regions of France. It is also the language of culture: cooking, fashion, theater, literature … Knowing French, you have access to a unique culture that will open doors, socially and intellectually.

    Understanding French will also enable you to take pleasure in watching many French films in OV: classics, films by great directors such as Lelouch or Chabrol, and also the latest contemporary productions such as Klapish’s films and other great recent movies. enjoy listening to Marion Cotillard speak in her own language.

    You must not forget that French is an official language used in international relations at the UN, the European Union, UNESCO , NATO , the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross … and several international legal bodies. French is also the language of the three headquarters of the European institutions: Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg.

    In other words, the French language opens up the world, but is also fun to hear and learn. The French language is also a gateway to other languages. Yes, learning French helps to understand and learn other languages, including other Latin based languages such as Italian or Spanish.

    And do not forget that French has been considered since the Middle Ages as the language of love and spirit. Learning French is primarily the pleasure of learning a beautiful language, rich and melodious, often still called the language of love.

    Would you like to learn French?