Professional Language Training

    Do you work in a company?

    Whether you are a professional or an individual, it is necessary to make an appointment for a free estimate. This assessment will allow us to understand your needs and provide you with a formula that suits your level, goals and schedule.

    How can I use my Professional Training Account (CPF) ?

    With the French Individual Right to Training, your language course can be fully financed.

    The first thing is to ask your accountant if contributions were made and how many hours or what budget you qualify for. These are contributions already paid to an organization and your company has nothing to pay. So take advantage of it and contact us to benefit from it.

    Our courses are tailored to your level, whether beginner or advanced, but also to your business needs, with specific vocabulary and phrases related to your business. Many professionals benefit from training supported by an OPCA. If you do not know where to start, contact us and we will assist you.

    Training can take place individually or in small groups with colleagues in our offices or within your company. We also offer videoconferencing via Skype and Webcam, wherever you are.

    DIF: Individual Right to Training

    Professional Training Account

    Your language training is being paid for:

    The Professional Training Account records the hours of training acquired by employees throughout their working life until their retirement and the training which the latter may personally benefit from.

    Who can benefit from the French CPF?

    All employees can benefit from this training through the French Professional Training Account. A simple administrative process is necessary for your language training to be paid for.

    How many hours can I have?

    For a full-time employee, the accumulation of hours is up to:

    24 hours per year up to a maximum credit of 120 hours and 12 hours per year, up to a total of 150 hours maximum.

    For an employee working part time, those hours are calculated on the working time.

    What is the difference with the DIF (individual right to training)?

    The French CPF, a professional training account, has replaced the individual right to training (DIF) since  January 1st, 2015, but employees do not lose the hours they have earned, because they can use them until  December 31st, 2020. This personal account corresponds to a number of training hours used by all employees throughout their working lives in order to attend various training.

    How does it work?

    The French CPF is credited automatically at the end of each year based on the working time performed by the employee during the year. It is limited to 150 hours in total. It is also possible to accumulate more hours through subscriptions.

    How can I get started for my training costs to be paid for?

    In order to know which management body is used by the company, the employees must contact their employer or their accounting department. They will have the information and indicate in which way employees can benefit from the training.

    Training costs can be supported by:

    – The Opca: an organization that collects a contribution from the company and the employee,

    – Or the OPACIF if the CPF completes a CIF,

    – Or by the company itself if it attributes at least 0.2% of its payroll to finance the professional training of its employees.

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