Do you speak Russian ?

    CIL St Barth offers Russian language courses for adults in small groups or individually.

    We offer customized courses focusing on communication, in our offices in Gustavia or if you need at your home, hotel or villa, depending on your schedule, with qualified but also charming and patient teachers who will answer any questions and satisfy any doubts that you may have. Contact us for more information.


    CIL St Barth is open all year round and we offer training packages tailored to each individual for courses of any length, tailored to individual needs. We especially offer specialized training for businesses.

    Why learn Russian?

    Have you ever considered learning Russian?

    In St Barth, the practice of Russian is an asset because the island is the home to more and more people from Russia. Having some knowledge of Russian is a plus for all professionals working in tourism, hospitality, catering and real estate.

    In fact, you already know many words in Russian: doktor, futbol , vodka, bank , airport ,viza ,profyessor , etc. .

    But you may already have good personal reasons for wanting to learn Russian. You may like the music of the Russian language, perhaps you admire Russian ballet and literature, or perhaps you would like to have a Russian girlfriend or meet your prince charming in Russia. Or perhaps you are already doing business with Russians or simply considering going on vacation to Moscow.

    Life in Russia is very different from living in the Western world: the lifestyle, habits and attitudes widely differ. Everything from parenting to family values and relationships with friends is different in Russia. You will find it much easier to understand the Russian way of thinking if you can speak and understand the language. From a cultural point of view, the Russian heritage is widely known around the world and some knowledge of the Russian language is a must to understand the arts of literature and Russian music.

    If you are an ambitious traveller and Russia is the next stop on your itinerary, you will see that Russia is an attractive country. It occupies a large area with many opportunities to enjoy the resorts with spectacular beaches, the Taiga with its diverse wildlife and unexplored places, the Russian Far East where the sun rises when people in western regions are still asleep . There is so much to see and do in Russia, and speaking some Russian will help you meet all kinds of interesting people and make the most of every moment.

    Would you like to learn Russian?