¿Hablas espanol?

    CIL St Barth offers Spanish courses for children and adults, in small groups or individually.

    We offer customized courses focusing on communication, in our offices in Gustavia or if you need at your hotel or villa, depending on your schedule with qualified but also charming and patient teachers who will answer your questions and clarify any doubt. Contact us for more information.

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    Why should we learn Spanish?

    Spanish is the most spoken language in the Americas and South America and has a lot to offer potential tourists. Traveling in Latin America if you speak Spanish makes your experience more authentic and interesting.

    It is also the second language for international communication. Today, 450 million people in the world speak Spanish. The Spanish language opens doors to a variety of professional and cultural opportunities, as the knowledge of a second foreign language can bring you new opportunities that you never thought about.

    From a personal point of view, speaking Spanish will allow you to meet new people, open your mind to the world and Hispanic culture, take advantage of new songs and enjoy movies in their original version. A world that you probably never heard about before! And which becomes exciting and fun.


    CIL St Barth is open all year round and we offer training packages tailored to each individual with courses of any length, adapted to individual needs.

    Would you like to learn spanish?