Certified translators

Through its network of certified translators, CIL offers certified translation, according to the demands of government administrations, for all types of legal or administrative documents.

Certified translations are generally for legal and administrative authorities such as municipalities, prefectures, courts or consulates, which require a number of procedures (issuance of a visa, marriage, implantation abroad , etc.). It is necessary for lawyers, notaries and other legal professionals, but also for businesses and individuals.

A certified translation is an official translation, executed only by an expert judicial translator. This translator is on a list of forensic experts established by the Courts of Appeal of France, and must be renewed every five years. The translator is proficient in the legal field and officially sworn before the Court, so his certification is a proof for the French court and administrations. No one can offer services as a certified translator if this person has not been designated for that function by a Court of Appeal.

If an official document is required by a judicial or administrative authority (passport, diploma, deed, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.) a certified translation will almost always be required.

How can I get a certified translation?

To get a certified translation, you must present your original document (or one authenticated by a notary, police, court …) in the original language. The certified translation will be attached to this document with a reference number, the seal and signature of the certified translator. Be careful if it is not an original document; the translator will use a copy as the original document, but you run the risk that the translation will be refused by the authority requesting it.

Certified translations require a lot more work than the so-called simple translations. Given their legal nature, they require extreme rigor, accuracy and alertness, while other translations are usually informative. In a certified translation, the slightest mistake can have serious consequences. The time spent performing the translation is not only longer, but the time for proofreading is also important because the document has to be extremely accurate. This is what explains the cost difference between the two.

Official translation

Examples of documents for which the certified translation may be required:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Deeds
  • Certifications
  • Sales contracts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Diplomas
  • Adoption records
  • Immigration documents
  • Naturalisation documents
  • Divorce documents
  • Driving licenses

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